Octopus and potato salad

Octopus / Potato / Parsley / Olive oil / Salt Bring water to boil in a big deep skillet Immerse the octopus in the water for 1 minute, then remove it and keep it outside for another minute. Repeat 3 times. Cook at low heat for 50 minutes Slice the potatoes and cook them in water…


Pizzoccheri / Butter / Garlic / Chard / Parmesan / Casera / Bitto / Potatoes  

Fagiolata con maltagliati

Homemade maltagliati / Cannellini beans / Red beans / Potatoes / Red wine / Tomato paste / Onion / Garlic / Black pepper

Whole squid stew

Fresh squid / Potatoes / Tomato paste / Onion / Garlic / Red wine / Vegetable broth Heat some olive oil then add the chopped onion and garlic After few minutes add the tomato paste, chopped potatoes and stir Add the red wine and let it reduce Finally add the whole squids into the pot and let…